Jacob Shearing Day, Washington County, Ohio

Southeast Ohio Fibershed invites you to attend our Jacob Shearing Day! 

Did you know that sheep must be sheared at least once per year to stay healthy? Some sheep even need sheared twice per year to keep their long locks beautiful. 

If you’ve never seen sheep being sheared in person, please consider a visit to the Jacob farm in Washington County to observe what shearing a sheep means for the animal and the people who use its wool.

Put this in your calendar for May 27, 2022!

This event is open to the public and we encourage visitors to come see what shearing day is all about! You will have the opportunity to purchase fleece as it flies off the sheep, if you want it. Each fleece will be priced per pound and usually you can get a nice 2-3lb fleece for under $50. Cash, Venmo, Paypal and Cards all accepted!

We also welcome volunteers to help skirt, sort, bag, and weigh fleeces. It’s a hard job but so rewarding! Don’t know how to skirt a fleece? We’ll show you! Volunteers get their choice of one fleece per hour (up to 2) for their efforts. With over 100 sheep to shear that day, we would greatly appreciate the help!

Be prepared to bring a lunch, water will be provided. We will give location details by email to registered attendees and volunteers a couple days before the event. Hope to see you there!

The Livestock Conservancy

The Livestock Conservancy lists 23 sheep breeds (as of March 2022) that are suitable for fleece production and are in need of conservation efforts. Jacob are on the list! The group offers a fun way to keep track of the breeds you work with by issuing a passport to you to collect information and official SE2SE stickers for your passport. Check out their website for more information.

In southeast Ohio, so far, we’ve come across three breeds of sheep that are on the list: Jacob, Tunis, and Shetland.

If you are a farmer who raises any of the breeds listed in the Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List, please get in touch with the Conservancy to get started selling your fleece as part of the SE2SE program. 

Wool Inventory Project

If you are a wool-bearing animal farmer, please go to our Wool Inventory Form here and help us identify all the sheep and other fiber farms in southeast Ohio! Thank you for your help! 

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