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Identify need and bring people together.

As we move forward with our fibershed development, we focus primarily on our farmers to find out how we can help create value for their fibers. Then, we build a network to make use of this resource. Because of weak or lacking regional textile infrastructure, this process has been difficult.

The one task that farmers can help us with at this time is to introduce yourselves by filling out our Wool Inventory Survey.


Education outreach means that we work to answer your questions, brainstorm with you to solve problems, and encourage farmers and artisans to work with eachother.

Sometimes, that means we hold open forums at local libraries, post about education opportunities on our social media, or we meet with farmers and makers individually.


We recognize that shearers are scarce in Ohio, whether that’s due to retirement, lack of available training, or bad customer service. Many sheep farmers in the southeast Ohio region shear their own animals, or have switched to hair breeds of sheep, removing a potential extra source of income.

Slots fill up quickly! If you are a sheep farmer and need help finding a shearer, please contact us and we can see about setting you up with a travelling shearer for service in late May 2022. All size flocks considered.


Memberships show everyone that you support the work of the Southeast Ohio Fibershed as a grassroots organizer for textile development. These memberships help us with our outreach efforts, including the development of a map of our producer and maker networks

If you would like to be included in our publicly available producer and maker network maps, we ask for a membership fee to help us cover costs.

If you want to support us, we are very grateful! Please go to our membership page for more information.

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