New Video Project: Will you help us?

My name is Lisa Heinz and I am a local fiber artist as well as the founder of the Southeast Ohio Fibershed and Southeast Ohio Fiberworks. The main Fibershed organization, found at, is focused on developing strong regional fiber systems that support the soil, animals, farmers, and artists of southeast Ohio that contribute to our regional fibershed. As an affiliate of the main organization, Southeast Ohio Fibershed shares this focus that highlights our local resources and textile cultures, and we have an exciting new project this spring!

One important part of our southeast Ohio textile journey includes collecting stories from those involved in our fibershed. From farmers who produce our raw fiber resources to those who create finished garments or textile arts from those resources, we invite you to help us put together a video series describing your relationship to your chosen area of work. 

In each video,  we will highlight various farms, designers, artists, teachers and people who are interested in fiberarts. Through these interviews, we will ask you about your experience with textiles and the sustainability movement, called “slow fashion”.

These videos will launch on our social media platforms to show the world how we create and use textiles in southeast Ohio:

  • Instagram: @seohiofibershed
  • Facebook: @seohiofibershed
  • YouTube: @seohiofibershed   

For this project, we will ask you a few questions, on camera, about your work.  If you would be willing to talk with us, please respond with our contact form as soon as possible as we would like to start next month (March!).  We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a visit!

Are you a farmer/producer of textile raw material (such as animal wool), a teacher or designer? Or just interested crafter? Please add yourself to our running list of textile supporters!

Thank you!

Lisa and our awesome helper Alex

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